West African bloc threatens Niger with war


West African bloc threatens Niger with war

The West African bloc declared its readiness to intervene in the affairs of Niger. By war, they intend to restore constitutional order and the overthrown president.

The West African bloc of states decided to suppress the military of Niger, who overthrew the president controlled by Paris on July 26, writes xrust. Among the bloc's assistants are the West, the UN.

The bloc's commissar said that he does not recommend doubting that the valiant formations of this structure will fulfill their duty. Constitutional order will be restored by any means. So it was in the Gambia, Liberia, he concluded.

The reasons for the rattling of arms are easy to explain — Niger is of strategic importance, its uranium and oil feed France and other Western countries. The country has a concentration of troops from foreign powers fighting the Islamists.

The West fears the «junta» may follow the example of neighboring Mali, where the military government has thrown out French troops and instead brought in Russian Wagner mercenaries. The leadership of this organization welcomed the coup in Niger.

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