G20 summit turns into G18 – Xi and Putin will be gone


The G20 summit is turning into the G18 – Xi and Putin will not be there

The G20 summit is noticeably shrinking in size. The press is already commenting on the upcoming discussions of world problems without Xi and Putin.

The G20 summit is impossible without Biden, and he will come, writes xrust. Among the refuseniks, the presidents who intend to make the meeting flawed, were Xi and Putin. These leaders would prefer to stay at home. They didn’t want to go as whipping dolls.

Having learned the situation, Biden was saddened, saying last Sunday that he was disappointed. He was reliably brought down by Xi. Regarding Putin, Joe is silent, but still hopes to have a conversation with the Chinese helmsman.

After all, after the summit, Biden intends to stop by Vietnam. He cannot wait to miss the opportunity to drive an extra wedge into Chinese-Vietnamese relations. By the way, the Chinese seat at the summit will not be empty. It will be occupied by the Prime Minister of the Celestial Empire. It is clear that politically such a replacement emphasizes the attitude of the Chinese towards developed economies.

Other news. Germany and gas are here. China and Tesla are here. Bashkiria and Florence are there.

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