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High protein foods to help you lose weight
The body needs protein to maintain healthy bones, muscles and skin. It also improves metabolism, promoting weight loss. Nutritionist Lisa Young told Eat
Sport and Health
New Generation Dentistry: Alexander Gorbachev Clinic in Krasnogorsk
Modern dentistry does not stand still. The Alexander Gorbachev Dental Clinic in Krasnogorsk, available at, is a prime example
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Facial massage: how to do home massage to improve blood circulation and stimulate collagen
Facial massage is an important part of a regular skin care. It helps improve blood circulation, stimulate collagen production and just give the skin a
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Oleic acid increases lifespan
A group of scientists from the Stanford School of Medicine found evidence that monounsaturated fatty acids contribute to an increase in life expectancy.
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Healthy sweets
What kind of sweets useful if you have not been diagnosed with diabetes, said general practitioner of the Russian Federation Sergey Alendeev.
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How to get buttocks «like the Kardashians»
Coach Alexei Moiseev told how long it will take to get buttocks «like Kim Kardashian.» To obtain the desired shape of the buttocks, as the specialist
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Effective training for weight loss
< /p>Eat This, Not That provides coach Tyler Reed's recommendations for effective bodyweight training for weight loss. In order to achieve the desired
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The secret of the stars: How to enjoy pizza, ice cream and desserts, losing weight every day — find out a unique method!
The IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) flexible diet, also known as the «flexible diet», has become a popular method of controlling calorie and macronutrient
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Snowboard Protective Shorts: Importance, Features and Choice
Snowboarding is one of the most popular and exciting winter sports. However, along with adrenaline and thrills, this sport can be dangerous.
Sport and Health
Sauna can help lower blood pressure
According to American scientists, two visits to the sauna for 20 minutes helps to reduce blood pressure in middle-aged people. it was concluded that visiting