West Africa calls on Niger to restore ousted president


West Africa calls on Niger to restore the deposed president

West Africa has threatened Niger with force if the deposed president does not return. A one-week deadline has been set for the rebellious military.

West Africa — an ECOWAS bloc formed by fifteen countries, writes xrust — Concerned about the seventh coup that occurred in Niger in recent years, they put forward a kind of ultimatum to the rebels — to restore the president and the constitutional order .

Bloc issued an ultimatum when, after the coup, the people did not calm down, but began to burn French flags and pelt the French mission with stones. Passions escalated so much that the police used tear gas. Fires broke out near the walls of the embassy, ​​doctors took away many of the wounded.

Fifteen countries held an emergency summit, calling on the rebels to return to constitutional rule. Otherwise, ECOWAS threatens to use force.

The President of Chad, who took power in 2021 after a similar coup, met with his deposed colleague and offered mediation in a dialogue with the military. Officials who joined the rebels are promised to close the borders of African states and freeze assets.

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