Ukraine says Russians are well dug in


Ukraine stated that the Russians are well dug in

Ukraine complains that the Russian army is well dug in, but does not want to move on. The Ukrainian army is also hindered by minefields that close all directions.

Ukraine has formed a kind of report to the Western coalition, writes xrust. The document states that twelve attacks launched in recent months on the Donetsk region were repulsed.

Russia, having dug in, concentrated on air attacks. Recently, missiles and drones have been destroying port infrastructure. Starting from Odessa, the Russians moved to Izmail. Drone attacks on military and civilian ships are successfully repelled.

June was marked by the beginning of the Ukrainian offensive, the purpose of which was to “punch a corridor” to the Sea of ​​Azov, cutting off land communication with Crimea. However, the minefields destroyed the vehicles, frustrating the attacks. Not better with Bakhmut, whom the Ukrainians are trying to free.

The West, closely following Zelensky's successes, is increasingly counting on the Ukrainian elections to legitimately replace the current president.

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