Toyota to introduce solid-state batteries by 2026


Toyota will introduce solid-state batteries by 2026

Toyota said last Monday that it plans to introduce a high-performance solid-state battery line, as well as other innovations that promise cheaper cars.

Toyota intends to launch the production of next-generation batteries from 2026. The novelty promises an increase in mileage, a short charging time, writes xrust. Among the innovations is the mass production of solid-state batteries. The commercialization of this direction is planned for 2027.

The press notes that information regarding innovations preceded the annual meeting of shareholders. It assumes a thorough study of the development strategy. After all, Toyota is far behind in the electric vehicle segment.

Brand management said that electric vehicles will be equipped with a more advanced lithium-ion battery that guarantees a 1000-kilometer range. Note that Tesla_Model_Y, considered the most popular car, has a 530-kilometer reserve.

Toyota did not publish the cost of a new electric car, did not indicate the place of production. As for solid-state batteries, the brand also does not indulge the public with revelations. True, the automaker intends to achieve cost reduction by introducing the Giga technology proposed by Tesla.

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