Samsung decided to sue the Chinese competitor


Samsung has decided to sue a Chinese competitor

Samsung Display started litigation with BOE Technology. A claim has been filed. The reason is the infringement of patents related to mobile phone displays. sued.

Samsung Display, a division of Samsung_Electronics, has harassed a Texas federal jury with a request to punish BOE, which supplies displays using organic light-emitting diodes. SE is quite satisfied with the compensation, writes xrust. True, there is also an additional requirement — to ban the Chinese competitor from importing these products.

Texas judges received a package of court documents last Wednesday. This state was not chosen by chance — here such proceedings are conducted quite quickly.

Specialists remind that similar displays are used by Apple in some models of smart watches. Apple, reacting to the news, said that these displays are high-resolution and thinner than their counterparts.

Analysts believe that BOE, advancing on the heels of South Koreans, is hindering Samsung's dominance in the display market. However, other sellers of these devices also interfere with patents. Some are also facing legal action.

In June, a former Samsung executive was accused of selling chip technology to a Chinese company. While he is suspected.

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