North Korea warns Americans it will shoot down their spy planes


North Korea warned the Americans that it would shoot down their reconnaissance aircraft

North Korea started Monday by blaming the US. The latter violate its airspace. Reconnaissance planes are circling over the republic.

North Korea has warned that restraint on systematic violations of the airspace will soon run out, writes xrust. Pyongyang intends to start hitting American reconnaissance aircraft.

The provocative actions of the Americans bring the peninsula closer to a nuclear apocalypse, warned the Korean Ministry of Defense. The United States has also started using drones. In addition, their nuclear submarine patrols the depths of the ocean.

The Defense Department recalls that it has previously practiced hitting American aircraft coming from South Korean territory. The Americans have so far remained silent, while the southerners have said that the North Korean Ministry of Defense is spreading fakes — planes, drones do not cross borders, conducting surveillance from the side.

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