China will raise the birth rate with government programs


China to raise birth rate with government programs

China intends to correct the demographic situation with state programs.

China, seeking to correct the demographic trend, will launch pilot projects, writes xrust. These will cover a couple of dozen cities. The names of the programs are quite remarkable — «New Era Childbirth», «Marriage Culture».

The Chinese Family Planning Association has been entrusted with the issue of fertility. This body is responsible for government projects related to population. Among the key measures are the stimulation of marriage and the increase in the birth rate. The problem of high «bride price» and other specific but outdated customs is also important.

Guangzhou and Handan will be the first to introduce innovations. Last year, Beijing began testing innovations. Society should have a stronger influence on young people, encourage young people who aspire to marriage, demographers say.

Projects are being implemented against the backdrop of already existing measures being implemented by the provinces. They are encouraged to have children with tax breaks, housing subsidies, free or subsidized education for a third child.

China pursued a tough policy of «one family — one child, better than no children» in 1980~2015. India, which has not shown radicalism, has become the most populous.

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