Won't your belly go away? How to remove fat in the lower abdomen and from the sides

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The stomach will not go away? How to remove fat in the lower abdomen and from the sides

Recommendations and diet for targeted elimination of fat in the lower abdomen and sides. Scientific research will help to understand the methods of combating the most hated excess fat. On the abdomen and sides, fat has more saturated acids, so it will not work to fight it like deposits in other places. It was previously believed that human subcutaneous fat deposits are the same throughout the body. Only recently, scientists have confirmed that fat in the lower abdomen and sides is more difficult to overcome, it is similar to the deposits on the female thighs. The susceptibility of fat to training for different types of fat is different

In simple terms, this fat in problem areas differs in the mechanism of deposition and in the methods of dealing with it. For example, the usual cardio for 30-40 minutes at the same pace will not have a significant effect on the waist area. You have probably noticed that during such training, the stomach remains cold.

Why is nutrition so important to reduce the volume of the abdomen and sides

Fast carbohydrates lead to a sharp increase in blood sugar. An increase in sugar levels can cause brain damage, because our body tries to lower this level as soon as possible. Why is excess glucose stored in body fat? As you know, insulin fights excess sugar in the blood, it opens the cells of the body so that they receive energy. Unfortunately, it is the fat on the abdomen and sides that reacts the most to this hormone and sucks up calories like a sponge.
The most common reason for the formation of fat at the waist is the excessive consumption of fatty and sweet foods. Butter, cheese and fatty meat are the first to go to problem areas, at the same time increasing the level of «bad cholesterol», which is deposited on the walls of blood vessels and clogs them.

Running does not help get rid of belly fat

When running, blood circulation accelerates, the level of insulin in the blood decreases, all this happens due to the release of adrenaline into the blood, and natural fat burning mechanisms are launched. But as it turned out, the receptors in the fat deposits on the sides and abdomen work differently. In problem areas, adrenaline, on the contrary, lowers blood circulation and the stomach becomes cold while running. The use of wraps and films with a sauna effect can help fix this. But still, a diet in the fight against excess fat in the lower abdomen and sides will be more effective than running or cardio.

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