Hot air balloon flight: rules and guidelines

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A hot air balloon has long attracted the attention of people. This simplest aircraft, consisting of a shell filled with gas, is able to soar in the sky, obeying only the will of the wind. Flying in a hot air balloon gives an indescribable feeling of flight and freedom.

Flying in a hot air balloon: rules and recommendations


  1. History
  2. How the modern balloon
  3. Preparing for takeoff
  4. In flight
  5. Landing
  6. Impressions and emotions

History of appearance

Man's dream of flying dates back to ancient times. The first records of balloon flights date back to China in the 3rd century BC. However, it was not until 1783 that the Montgolfier brothers were able to make the first manned flight in a tethered balloon. This opened a new era in the history of aviation.

The design of balloons has been constantly improved. Sheaths made of durable synthetic fabrics, light and powerful burners appeared. Despite the development of aviation, they do not lose popularity as a means of aviation sports and outdoor activities.

Flying in a hot air balloon: rules and guidelines

How a modern balloon works

The following main elements can be distinguished in the design of a modern balloon:

  • Shell made of durable waterproof material, most often nylon.
  • < li>A propane burner to heat the air in the shell. Allows you to adjust the height of the flight.

  • Basket or gondola to accommodate the pilot and passengers. Control straps for the gas release valve are attached to it.
  • Ballast in the form of sandbags. Used in emergency situations for emergency descent.

Depending on the type of gas used, hot air balloons, hydrogen balloons and helium balloons are distinguished. The latter are considered the safest and are more often used for flights.

Preparation for takeoff

Meticulous preparation is very important for a comfortable and safe flight. First of all, the pilot studies the weather forecast and chooses the best time to take off. Best conditions:

  • temperature from -5 to +20°C;
  • slight cloudiness;
  • wind speed no more than 5 m/s;
  • no precipitation;
  • good visibility.

Then, an open area of ​​suitable size for the takeoff is selected, taking into account the direction of the wind. Pre-flight preparation of equipment is underway.

Passengers are advised to wear comfortable clothes and shoes according to the season, bring warm clothes, sunglasses and hats. It is strictly forbidden to take sharp or pointed objects on board.

Flying in a hot air balloon: rules and recommendations

In flight

Many people dream of flying in a hot air balloon to feel freedom and lightness while admiring breathtaking views of the earth from a bird's eye view.

The ascent occurs smoothly at a speed of about 5 m/s. When the balloon reaches the desired height, usually no more than 1000 m, the burner is practically not used to save fuel. The flight altitude is adjusted by dropping the ballast.

During the flight, breathtaking views of the earth from a bird's eye view open up. Feelings of weightlessness and complete freedom are unforgettable. But at the same time, it is necessary to follow safety rules: do not smoke, do not stick out of the basket, monitor the operation of the equipment. The flight usually lasts about 1 hour.


In order to make a smooth landing, a few hundred meters before the planned place, the pilot begins to gradually release ballast and at the same time warms up the air to soften the landing.

Touching the ground occurs at low speed. After landing, it is important to secure the shell immediately to avoid unwanted sliding. Then the passengers can leave the basket.

Impressions and emotions

A hot air balloon flight will give a lot of vivid impressions to both adults and children. See familiar places from an unusual angle, feel lightness and freedom, soaring in the sky like a bird — it's an unforgettable experience. Main — prepare carefully, strictly follow the safety rules and surrender to the power of the air element!

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