Top 5 best healthy food deliveries in Voronezh for 2023


  1. Top 5 best healthy food deliveries in Voronezh
  2. 1. Your diet
  3. 2. Olimpfood
  4. 3. Perfect Balance
  5. 4. Magic Food
  6. 5. Broccoli
  7. Conclusion

Top 5 best healthy food deliveries in Voronezh

Healthy food guarantees a full supply of vitamins. Eliminates the troubles associated with obesity and high cholesterol. Promotes health promotion, prevention of non-communicable diseases. These are diabetes, heart disease, oncology. Healthy eating — guarantee of excellent mood and performance. Evaluate the pros and cons of food delivery services in Voronezh!

1. Your diet

A closed enterprise in Voronezh for the delivery of healthy food throughout the city and region. Great work experience. Full control over the production and delivery of food. Outlying areas included. Over 800 different dishes are available. They do not repeat for 45 days. You can choose the appropriate calorie option — from 950 to 3150. Meals are prepared under the supervision of an experienced chef. There is a qualified nutritionist.

It is possible to independently calculate the number of calories using an online calculator. There is an option to order through the form, online chat. You can consult on all questions of interest.

Cons of the online service— high cost of food. No delivery to some localities in the region. These are Yamnoye, Semiluki, Novaya Usman, Shilovo, Teplichny.

2. Olimpfood

Online food delivery service according to restaurant standards. The menu is thought out in detail by nutritionists and fitness trainers. Offers clients a healthy eating program from 1,300 to 2,000 calories. Detox cleansing program available.

The cost of dishes is from 790 rubles to 2450 rubles. You can use the corporate menu. Available menu selection Standard, tariff Balance. Production of food from environmentally friendly products and restaurant technologies. Of the pluses, one can note:

  • Availability of a discount:
  • Gift certificate:
  • Convenient online consultation with a specialist is available.

< p>Cons — rather high cost. There is no delivery of food to individual cities and towns of the region. The option to answer technical specialists is not always available.

3. Perfect Balance

A closed enterprise for the production of healthy nutrition. Has rich experience. There are over 200 dishes on the menu. Constantly updated. Suppliers are carefully selected. The menu is developed by a nutritionist, professional chefs.

There is a convenient fast delivery, a set of dishes for athletes, healthy lifestyle adherents, office workers, young mothers. The service offers seven affordable nutrition programs for various purposes. Delivery is made by courier in 1-2 days.

The client can independently calculate the cost of the required food package. Among the benefits of reverting — maintaining cleanliness. Responsibility for proper nutrition. Daily purchase of the freshest products from local farms.

Cons — lack of a program for young mothers. No timely delivery on weekends, localities in the area.

4. Magic Food

An online service with an extremely varied menu. Assortment of 800 dishes per week. Owners regularly enter 5-7. Cooking methods are actively used. Excludes the presence of salt, oil and cholesterol. There are weight loss programs from 800 to 2,000 calories.

Payment is made online. There is free shipping. Available in Voronezh and the nearest suburbs. Among the pluses of — availability of cashback to your bonus account. The choice of dishes for athletes, young mothers who want to lose weight.

Cons of the service — no delivery in the region, it is not always possible to get an online consultation in a timely manner.

5. Broccoli

Convenient online service. Offers a set of healthy meals for weight loss programs for a period of 2 to 30 days. The maximum calorie content is from 1000 to 2.500 calories. Dishes are prepared according to restaurant technologies, by the best chefs. Delivery is made by courier.

There is an opportunity to get a trial diet with a 20% discount. All meals are produced in close contact with a qualified nutritionist. Only fresh, environmentally friendly products are used. You can choose an individual menu for each client. Advantages of the service:

  • Affordable cost;
  • The ability to place an order at a convenient time on any day of the week.

Cons< /strong> — lack of delivery to some localities in the region. The menu can be the same. Card payment is not always available.


A ready-made diet consisting of healthy and proper food will contribute to rapid weight loss. Problems with weight loss are excluded. Proper nutrition will make your day bright. The food will be healthy and balanced. Choose the right services from the top 5 and successfully cope with the task!

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