Psychology of weight loss (my own psychologist)

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Why are so many people unable to lose weight? Information about proper nutrition and exercise is widely available. Each product has information about the composition and calorie content, home exercise equipment has become cheaper, wrapping recipes will not be found only by the lazy! But the psychology of losing weight or the problem of food addiction is no less serious than alcohol and drug addiction. Obesity affects millions of people around the world! And they don't get smaller…


  1. Head or body
  2. Excess weight — protection against problems or their multiplier?
  3. See the root!

Head or body

Obesity is now treated with coding and hypnosis, using affirmations and motivation. Is it possible to lose weight from this? Or does it help you pull yourself together and still start losing weight with exercise and proper nutrition?

What is going on in the head of a fat man, why do thoughts of food haunt him day or night? Food is a basic human biological need. The individual also has other needs — personal and social, but biological ones are more important!

A normally functioning organism feels some kind of need when dissatisfaction and discomfort appear. Then the body recognizes «thirst» … or does not recognize! “Sucking in the stomach” can be from completely different reasons — from feelings of anxiety to real hunger, but those who are used to seizing their problems think only about food. So, the goal is determined, and our path runs through the kitchen to the refrigerator.

Psychology of weight loss (my own psychologist) )

After some time, the need seems to be satisfied, but if it was determined incorrectly by the body, beware! In a few minutes you will be walking along the previously trodden path. Satisfying all needs with food is the simplest thing we can do! This is what most of us do, and the needs keep multiplying and multiplying …

Is being overweight a protection against problems or their multiplier?

The modern world gives rise to a lot of fears for a person — self-doubt, fear of communication, fear of making the wrong choice … People feel not good enough, and the body turns on protection — it becomes overgrown with fat! The fluffy soft layer first protects us from pain, insults, criticism, loneliness. Then the already distributed fatty layer only multiplies these problems. A lot of fat people walk around this vicious circle, and there is no end to them!

See the root!

Don't forget how overeating started ? From the wrong definition of need! That is, the psychology of losing weight is the ability to understand yourself, in your desires and needs. You need to be able to identify the need that has arisen so as not to trample the path to the refrigerator (arrange an obstacle course there!).

If you are so dissatisfied with your job that you run to drink tea every half hour, retrain, look for something interesting for you. Otherwise obesity is inevitable! If after every date you double your pasta cutlets and eat them with tears, you need to reevaluate your relationship with your partner.

In none of these cases did you want to eat. Such uncontrolled absorption of food is more like a “nervous eater”.

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