The subconscious of a woman


Woman's subconscious

If only all women did consciously, then all men would be simply unhappy. In the brain of any woman there is a huge number of stop moments that often interfere with us. Therefore, it is very important to learn not to crush a woman with your intellect, but to storm her subconscious. pleasure. What are the special tricks for covertly manipulating a girl, we will now find out.

Try using the method of copying the image: adjust to the breath, the timbre of the voice, gesticulate in the same way — but you should not get carried away to such an extent that she realized consciously that you are teasing her and trying to parody.

There is another method based on calling a certain state from memory. For example, you can say: «Let's go have a bite to eat at that cafe, they make such a delicious pizza with bacon slices poured on top of fragrant Italian sauce.»

Subconsciously, the girl has associations with the very tasty pizza she ate , although this may even affect consciously — in any case, you are moving closer.

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