My cute gamer turned out to be a hired hacker: a story of love, deceit and disappointment


My cute gamer girl turned out to be a hired hacker: a story of love, deceit and disappointment

Once upon a time there was a young man named Maxim, who was real gamer. He liked to spend time playing games and even earned good money from it. Once he met a charming girl named Anna in an online game.

Maxim and Anna played together almost every day, and eventually they started dating in real life. She turned out to be not only sweet, but also a smart girl who shared his interest in video games. They spent time together playing and chatting, and it seemed like they were made for each other.

However, one day while playing together, Anna suddenly disappeared from the online chat. Maxim began to worry and tried to contact her, but she did not respond to messages. He got worried, started looking for her on social networks and found that her profile had been deleted.

Maxim could not believe that Anna had disappeared from his life so quickly and unexpectedly. He decided to investigate her disappearance and with the help of his hacking skills, Maxim figured out that Anna was actually a hired hacker working for a large corporation.

The corporation used her skills to steal information from customers, and when Anna tried to get out out of this situation, she became a threat to the company. They convinced her to delete her profile and disappear in order to cover her tracks.

Maxim realized that he was only a victim of this corporation, and Anna, with whom he was so in love, was actually a criminal. His heart broke and he decided to never trust anyone in the online world again.

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