What can a man sleep in to arouse desire in a woman?


What should a man wear to make a woman want to sleep?

So, the usual situation: you live with your girlfriend or already wife in the same apartment and sleep together in the same bed. Of course, we can assume that in a girl you meet for a week and making love every day is a natural activity for you.

But let's say that the peak of sexual activity in your relationship has subsided. Perhaps there are excuses like: «My head hurts» or «I'm terribly tired today after work». How to go on the offensive without leaving the passive state at the same time.

Here are the results of a small survey among Russian women. The question was of the following type: «What should a man go to bed in to arouse a woman and arouse desire on her part.» expect, because how else can you sleep when a beautiful half-naked girl lies half a meter away from you =) So we took note of everything quickly, who didn’t know!

23% — in tight shorts — quite sexy and also angry at the same time . Not very convenient and harmful to men's health. Therefore, it is better to wear for a short time for half an hour or an hour, and then sleep naked.

11% — family shorts — that's the sad statistics. Only a tenth of the beautiful half of humanity likes to see us in family shorts, so we draw conclusions.

2% — other

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