Damiano David went blonde


Damiano David went blonde< /p>
The soloist of the Måneskin group changed his image, radically changing his hairstyle, which surprised his many fans.

The victory at Eurovision 2021 brought Italian Damiano David unprecedented popularity. Young, handsome and daring, he has become the main sex symbol of 2021 among musicians. He was even called one hundred percent sex symbol of the era. And so, shocking Damiano presented a new self to the world. First, the Italian experimented with his luxurious dark hair, growing curly curls, and then surprised everyone by shaving his head bald.

After growing a buzz cut, 24-year-old Damiano decided to experiment with hair color and went blonde.

Damiano David became blond

It should be noted that even the musician's most dedicated fans did not like this transformation. Some write that David was very suited to his beautiful dark hair, others compared him to Eminem, and still others complain that the musician is simply unrecognizable.

Damiano David became blonde

The artist shared the corresponding pictures on his Instagram page.

Earlier we wrote that Damiano David was spotted with the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford Kaya Gerber, about it here

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