Popular varieties of yoga

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Popular types of yoga

Yoga is a traditional spiritual practice of Indian culture. Translated from Sanskrit, the word yoga means “harmony”, “connection”, “exercise”, i.e. unification of different aspects of human life: physical, mental and spiritual state. It includes a combination of various spiritual, mental and physical practices. Today, there are many different areas of yoga, each of which has its own characteristics.

  1. Hatha yoga

    The most common practice that teaches you to be conscious and attentive to your health, body and mind cleansing practices, ways of behaving in the world and a proper nutrition system. It includes physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation. This direction of yoga is for beginners and experienced practitioners, as it includes both easy and complex exercises.

  2. Ashtanga Yoga

    This type of yoga is a structured type of yoga in the style of vinyasa. It requires great physical effort, the focus is on asanas and proper breathing. Ashtanga yoga has a specific sequence of postures that must be performed in the correct order and fast rhythm, which helps to increase flexibility, strength and endurance.

  3. Kundalini yoga

    It is concentrated on the energy of kundalini, which is located at the base of the spine and is closely related to the spiritual development of a person. The practice includes meditation, breathing exercises and postures that awaken energy and open up abilities. Kundalini Yoga reduces stress and enhances intuition.

  4. Bhakti Yoga

    Concentrates on love and devotion to God or a Higher Power. The practice includes chants, prayers and meditation that evoke feelings of gratitude and love for the world and all living things. Bhakti yoga helps to reduce egoism and negative emotions, improve emotional state and promote spiritual development.

  5. Jnana yoga

    The practice of knowing the truth and developing intellectual abilities consists in reading sacred texts, studying philosophy and meditation. Jnana yoga helps to comprehend the world around us and see deeper meanings in it, as well as develop intellectual abilities.

  6. Raja yoga

    Royal or classical yoga is based on working with one's inner «I». Through meditation, wellness and philosophical exercises that improve mental health. Raja yoga helps to reduce stress, increase efficiency and improve life in general.

  7. Bikram yoga

    Classes are held in specially equipped studios at a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius and help burn calories and get rid of toxins through sweating. Bikram Yoga has a specific sequence of 26 postures that are done in the same order each time.

  8. Yoga Nidra

    It is the most meditative and relaxing direction of yoga. The practice of relaxation and immersion in oneself in the borderline state between sleep and wakefulness. Deep relaxation technique with complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation due to the distraction of consciousness from external objects.

  9. Yoga for pregnant women

    Helps women control body weight and maintain health during pregnancy, prepares the body for childbirth and childbirth child. The practice includes calming postures that improve circulation, breathing exercises, and meditation to reduce discomfort and reduce stress.

  10. Yoga for Kids

    Helps develop flexibility, coordination and concentration in children. The exercises include games, chanting and postures that help the child develop harmoniously and acquire social and emotional skills.

Each type of yoga has its own merits, so each person can choose the appropriate option , based on personal preferences and goals.

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