Home workouts for busy people

The working day of a modern business person is full of various events: meetings with clients in the office, business negotiations with partners, business lunches, business trips… In order to stay at home, with the family, there is not much time left. What can we say about visiting fitness centers or gyms — for many business people, a trip to a sports club, unfortunately, becomes an unaffordable luxury due to the extreme lack of time. However, even for the busiest businessmen, there is always the opportunity to train at home.

This approach can easily free up a couple of hours a day (no need to waste time traveling to the gym and returning home) and allow you to keep your body in good shape every day. Of course, for the possibility of training at home, you will have to purchase some sports equipment. The choice of such products will be determined by the state of your family budget and your willingness to spend a specific amount on the purchase of a particular simulator.

Of course, the purchase of sports equipment will cost you incomparably more than the cost of a monthly subscription to even the most prestigious fitness center. However, as a real business person, you must understand that the purchase of a simulator is a long-term investment that will bring you dividends only after some time. Calculate the cost of a subscription to the same fitness center, but already for a year — you will probably get an amount that is already more or less comparable to the cost of the sports equipment you purchase. In addition, you get the opportunity to exercise any day of the week and do not have to worry about adjusting your work schedule in order not to be late for a workout. And on top of that, there is also a huge time saving — for a year, home simulators will “free up” you a few days for doing business, which you would have spent on the road to the sports club and back. Thus, the benefits of doing home workouts become obvious in comparison with a regular visit to the gym.

So, what types of simulators are preferable to buy for home use?

Exercise bikes can be called as the most popular products in this area. Their cost varies quite a lot even with the same manufacturer, depending on the complexity of the model and the design. For example, the cost of different models of Kettler exercise bikes is approximately $300 to $2,000. Classes on exercise bikes are well suited for those who want to conduct endurance training and get rid of «extra» kilograms.

The indisputable advantages of this type of exercise equipment include their compactness — they can easily fit even in a small room and will not cause much constraint, so you are unlikely to need to specifically rearrange the furniture to install them. Plus, you can even watch your favorite TV shows or talk on the phone while you work out.

Some even manage to read a newspaper or a book while exercising on an exercise bike — however, I would still not advise doing this, since in this case the lens of your eye is constantly forced to change its curvature for optimal focusing, and with constant reading during such training, it may occur blurred vision.

Steppers can be attributed to the next group in popularity among home exercise equipment. These training aids are quite simple in design and are designed to mimic human walking on uneven ground. They, like exercise bikes, are characterized by a high degree of compactness, but at the same time they are much cheaper — their cost is from $ 70 and more.

The treadmill is another noteworthy simulator that can be used for home workouts. Currently, the most widely used electric models of treadmills, which allow you to adjust the intensity of your physical activity throughout the workout. Modern models include a built-in computer that allows you to monitor your heart rate, count calories burned, and adjust your exercise level while you're on the move. The cost of such treadmills is from 500-600 dollars and more (sometimes up to several thousand dollars). Magnetic treadmills are much cheaper — about $200.

Somewhat less common are rowing machines, which allow you to imitate the movements of rowers. With the help of these devices, a person gets a good opportunity to train almost all the main muscles of his body. Rowing machines cost $150 and up.

The choice of the listed simulators is currently quite large. However, before you go to the store to buy the model you like or buy it on the Internet, it would not be superfluous to consult with your doctor about the advisability of using this or that simulator. Of course, if you are a completely healthy person, then you have nothing to worry about. However, you should be aware that some types of home exercise equipment have contraindications for use. For example, the steppers mentioned above have an increased impact on the hip joints, so such sports equipment may not be recommended for all people.

If you are not ready to spend money on buying a simulator, you still have the opportunity to train in home conditions. There are special techniques for walking in place or running in place — for these workouts you only need a small mat. Another great way to keep your body in good shape is jumping rope. These types of physical activity will also provide the necessary load on your muscles and have a beneficial effect on your health.

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