Top 7 Bodybuilding Mistakes

Today, many young people prefer a healthy lifestyle, and rightly so. Only in a healthy body can you live a full and happy life. But sports also need to be treated wisely. This is especially true of bodybuilding, where the work is done with large weights. This sport is very traumatic. In a special risk group are inexperienced athletes who make gross mistakes in the training process. This often leads to serious injuries and complete abandonment of the sport. What are the main mistakes during bodybuilding? What absolutely should not be allowed during training?

  • Mistake two — going to the sauna (lying in the bathroom) after training
  • Mistake three — increased activity when lifting weights
  • Mistake five — serious loads without examination
  • Mistake six — ignoring the signals of your body
  • < li class="level-1">Mistake seven — listening to music with headphones

    Mistake one — exercising without a warm-up

    Thousands of articles have been written about the need for a warm-up in bodybuilding and its importance. But this does not prevent many athletes from calmly approaching the simulators without warming up at all. Exercising with unprepared muscles and joints is extremely dangerous. There is a high chance of injury. In addition, the heart is also in a certain shock, which sharply accelerates the frequency of contractions. Such changes in the body can lead to nausea, dizziness, headaches and even a heart attack. There have been cases when people who started training without a warm-up simply lost consciousness.

    The second mistake is visiting the sauna (lying in the bathroom) after training

    Many beginners love to take a steam bath immediately after a workout, believing that in this way they will only benefit their body. In fact, warming up the body so much after serious exertion is highly undesirable. In the body, all the vessels are dilated, it needs to cool down, the work of the organs must be restored. In addition, it is very important to let the heart muscle calm down, which also had to work well.

    If you go to the bath or lie down in a hot bath, you can only aggravate the situation. Very often, «violators» may experience severe fatigue, nausea, dizziness. There are cases when the heart could not withstand such a load, the risk of stroke increases. Thus, the best option for post-workout recovery is a regular cool shower. As soon as the heart rate is restored and the body begins to function normally, you can go to the sauna.

    Third error — increased activity

    Main rookie mistake — increased activity during training. This approach leads to a significant acceleration of the heart rate, the heart and lungs suffer. The result may be the appearance of a strong arrhythmia.

    The fourth mistake is holding the breath when lifting weights

    This mistake is one of the most common among beginners, and it is observed when performing almost all strength exercises. We are talking about holding your breath during the execution of the approach. Improper breathing leads to a serious increase in pressure, you can even earn yourself a hernia. Moreover, cases of strokes and heart attacks are known.

    Fifth mistake — serious loads without examination

    Before starting training, it is advisable to undergo a serious examination, especially if you are at risk (smoker, have pressure problems, lead a «sedentary» lifestyle, and so on). Consultation with a doctor in the case of bodybuilding is mandatory. If this is not done, then classes can only bring harm.

    Sixth mistake — ignoring the signals of your body

    You need to listen to the signals of your body during training. If there is an incomprehensible pressure in the chest area or dizziness, then it is better to stop training. Fatigue, rhythm disturbance — all these are symptoms of severe overstrain, which should not be allowed. If you ignore them, then injury or even a heart attack is inevitable.

    Mistake seven — listening to music with headphones

    Many beginners love work out to music with headphones. Of course, it is much more interesting and entertaining. But in this case, attention is switched to the athlete, he does not concentrate on training and his muscles. Consequently, the likelihood of injury increases.

    It is highly undesirable to repeat the mistakes given in the article, unless, of course, you want to benefit exclusively from bodybuilding.

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