Grain Deal — Expires Today


Grain deal – ends today

Grain deal today may die. Her term expires on the 17th. State of emergency on the Crimean bridge can add fuel to the fire. The ship with grain that left Odessa is probably the last one.

The grain deal, reminds xrust, ends today. The market is waiting for Russia's decision, and today it began to deal with the state of emergency not on the Kerch bridge. The last circumstance will be decisive.

Yesterday's grain carrier, which left Odessa, may be the last. Analysts already know that Putin, talking on the phone with a colleague from South Africa, stated that this act did not achieve its goals. It implies a benefit for Ukraine and a zero result for Russia. After all, the obstacles to the export of Russian food, which UN officials promised to remove, remained unshakable. In addition, the needy African countries have not received grain.

The deal is the result of Turkey's perseverance, which has developed a procedure for the safe traffic of grain trucks across the Black Sea and further through the Bosphorus. The West says the deal has relieved African supply tensions.

Other news. Indian spacecraft flew to the moon — here. The Japanese space project suffers another fiasco — there. Financial illiteracy is here.

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