Electric pickup unveiled by Fisker amid weak market


Electric pickup unveiled by Fisker amid weak market

Fisker's electric pickup to be produced in California is presented by the brand. A few weeks ago, he announced an SUV.

The electric pickup, Fisker management said, will leave a mark on the car market, side by side with other products from the automaker. Popular brands are dominated by inexpensive practical cars with thoughtful design.

The production of a pickup truck called Alaska will begin in early 2025, when Ford analogues — F-150_Lightning, Tesla — Cybertruck, Rivian, will begin to enter the market. The price of Alaska is slightly more than $45,000, which is below the competitive price. For example, the F-150_Lightning costs almost 50,000.

Fisker engineers said the Alaska, which opened orders on Thursday, has an Ocean SUV platform. The mileage of the novelty is 230 ~ 340 miles. There is a folding bed. Fisker does not provide technical details.

Other news. The Russians dug in — here. Mongolia and the USA are there. Leasing Bashkiria — here.

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