Design and survey work: a key stage of construction


 Design and survey work: a key stage of construction

Design and survey work from an important stage in the planning and construction of various facilities. The quality of these works largely determines the safety, reliability and durability of the future structure.

What is design and survey work?

Design and survey work is a set of activities carried out before the start construction and aimed at obtaining complete and reliable information about the construction site. This includes:

Geodetic work to study the terrain.
Geological survey to determine the properties of soil and soil.
Hydrometeorological survey to take into account climatic features.
Environmental survey to assess the impact of construction on environment.

Why is design and survey work important?

Design and survey work plays a key role in construction for several reasons:

It helps to determine the most suitable project for a particular site.
They allow you to avoid costly mistakes and unexpected problems during the construction process.
They ensure the safety of construction and further operation of the facility.
In conclusion, design and survey work is an integral part of any construction project, ensuring its safety , efficiency and compliance with all requirements and standards.

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