Why did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle break up?


Why did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle break up

After the loss of contracts with Spotify, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. decided to leave and went to different continents. This was reported to Express by a source close to the couple.
The reason for this decision is the disagreement that arose due to financial difficulties, so to speak, «the love boat crashed into everyday life.»

According to a source, the couple is currently «experiencing enormous hardships and is no longer able to finance their luxurious lifestyle in California, including living in a $14 million mansion and huge security costs.» This was the reason for the decision to disperse and disperse to different continents.

As the source said, «Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's poor financial situation, combined with their emotional problems, has probably made their life together unbearable.» «Maybe. Being apart on different continents will help them find what will make it possible to move on together, «their confidant hopes.
Rumors continue to develop after the couple lost their Spotify deal.
in August 2022 on Spotify launched the Archetypes podcast, which focuses on women's issues in today's world. 12 episodes have aired since August 2022.

Meghan Markle's podcast hosts famous women including singer Mariah Carey, tennis player Serena Williams, comedian Mindy Kaling and socialite Paris Hilton.
June 16 It became known that the streaming service Spotify terminated the contract with the production company of Prince Harry and Meghan ahead of schedule.

It has been noted that while there was only one season of the Archetypes audio show, streaming was expecting more episodes from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. already wrote about the divorce of the beloved grandson of the queen, about this here

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