Why are office romances so popular?


Why are office romances so popular?

Flirting is constantly present in our lives, because it does not oblige to anything, but at the same time, it allows you to test the power of your charms on members of the opposite sex. More than 80% of women and men have at least once flirted with their colleagues in the workplace — in any case, according to sociological studies conducted by Playboy magazine. As a rule, this happens during a lunch break or after the end of the working day, when the couple may not be distracted by production needs. And it is not uncommon for flirting to become the beginning of an office romance — more than half of the men and women surveyed have had such an experience.

There are plenty of places for intimate relationships in the office. It can be a chef's office or a flight of stairs, a multi-storey garage or a conference room, a work desk or a bathroom. The danger of exposure gives such a novel a special poignancy, and therefore it is not easy for a couple to refuse these pleasures. And since now people are forced to spend more and more time in offices, these premises become closer to them than their own home, and female colleagues are sometimes more beloved than their own wife. Therefore, one should not be surprised that a fleeting office romance, which arose from a spark of sexual interest, sometimes develops into a very serious and lasting relationship.

Men prefer to think that it is they who initiate these novels. But there is little truth in this statement. A responsible employee sometimes has so many worries that if a woman herself does not attract his attention, he will look at her charms without noticing, because he is immersed in solving a number of tasks. A Playboy poll confirms this view. According to the results, women cross the threshold of the office with the thought of sexual contact twice as often as men. And finding a suitable partner is not difficult for them: confident and elegant office workers always find a way to impress men, enjoy sex and take care of advancing their careers.

Psychologists believe that for some people, sex in the workplace is a way to relieve stress, regain lost peace of mind. Often a large load at work is a factor that provokes an uncontrollable sexual desire. If a woman has feminist inclinations, strives not to yield to the representatives of the stronger sex in anything, she may also have such desires. Women of this type usually do not have problems with orgasm, are easily aroused and do not feel the need for prolonged foreplay.

Colleagues of the opposite sex will sooner or later begin to look at each other with interest. To confirm this thesis, we can cite the results of research by Durex. It turns out that half of the men and a third of their female colleagues periodically imagine themselves in the arms of a desktop neighbor. The American psychologist David Euler called the office the strongest aphrodisiac, and it is very difficult to challenge his rightness.

We should also take into account the moment of spiritual closeness, intellectual kinship, which is very often observed among employees who have chosen to work in a particular company. Work leading to a common goal brings together, as well as mutual attempts to find the optimal solution to current issues. If the time of work in the company is not standardized, and the personal life of employees often goes by the wayside, there is a suitable soil for the emergence of such office romances.

And you don't have to look far for an example. Suffice it to recall Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, who married his secretary Melinda French. Most American employers tolerate office romance — of course, only as long as they do not harm the common cause. The office romance ban applies to only a tenth of all US businesses. The rest of the employers believe that if their subordinates are drawn to the office, this will only give positive results.

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