Who is a bookmaker

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Who is a bookmaker

Who is a bookmaker and what does he do? The origin of this word is English. It has long been called a wrangler who takes bets on certain events with the terms of payment to the winner discussed in advance.

Earlier, these wranglers could be found at the hippodrome, where they were needed to:

& #8212; bet some horse to win;
— tell news about the races and the horses involved;
— talk about certain «nuances» that can affect the results of the race.

Perhaps some of today's distrust of bookmakers is due to the scams of people called bookmakers in the past. It's not that they are all scammers, but representatives of this profession:

— often spread fake information;
— sometimes cheated;
— sometimes disappeared after collecting player contributions.

What does it mean today?

Today, in a bookmaker's office, you can learn everything about sports betting, and even bet on a particular event yourself. The very definition of «bookmaker» has become more extensive, since the activity of a representative of this profession is not limited to horse racing. Betters place bets using various strategies, such as the Dutch system.

By contacting a legal office, you can bet with it on almost any sport: from football to baseball. Moreover, some of them offer odds for eSports and even certain events that are not related to sports, but to show business, cultural phenomena or politics.

To find a bookmaker, today you do not need to go to the stadium or the hippodrome. If in the nineties it was necessary to find a bookmaker's office for this, which was located, as a rule, in small premises, at the moment you can not even leave the house. Bets are accepted on specially created sites of line movements, as well as their mirrors: winnings can also be received directly to an electronic wallet. Betting has become completely virtual, although it is quite possible to make money on it.

Most often, in bookmakers, they bet on sports events

What is the risk?

Betting has always been considered risky — and it remains so now. It is clear that those who accept bets on a particular sporting event do not want to be in the red. That's why they hire analysts and privateers who can calculate the predictions and name the likely outcomes of the games. This is necessary to set the correct odds: it is worth making a mistake, and betters will take advantage of this by placing winning bets.

The betting offered by the betting office is based on the results of data analytics, which are distorted towards increased probability. The player, on the other hand, argues with the bookmaker, based on his own knowledge in a particular sport or based on the announcements that he will receive from the marque.

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