Which hoop is best for weight loss

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Which hoop better for weight loss

A great weight loss simulator — a hoop. A slimming hoop differs from the usual one in its weight, it is several times heavier.

Which hoop is better for losing weight?

There is a huge selection of hoops on the market, and you need to choose the one that is suitable for your shape.

The main thing to pay attention to is the size of the hoop.

1. Stand up straight and place the hoop in front of you. It should be no lower than your navel, but no higher than your chest.

2. If the hoop has a large diameter, then it will rotate more slowly, which will make it easier for you to adjust the figure. It will be easier to twist such a hoop.

3. If the hoop has a small diameter, it will spin faster. With such a hoop it will be difficult to control the speed of rotation. But its efficiency is better. This hoop is not recommended for beginners, it is better to start with a large diameter hoop.

4. There are several contraindications to the use of a hoop for weight loss. With some diseases of the kidneys and intestines, gynecological diseases, diseases of the spine, you should not use it. Consult your doctor so as not to harm your health.

5. Massage rollers should be soft, it is better if they are rubber, not plastic. They are more effective and will not cause any discomfort to your skin.

The weight of the slimming hoop is about 1-2 kilograms. Don't choose very heavy hoops. Initially start with a lighter hoop, after 6 months it will be possible to switch to heavier hoops. Thanks to the slimming hoop, you will achieve the perfect tummy, pump your abdominal muscles and be able to wear things that you could not afford before.

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