What to eat to lose weight — where to start losing weight?

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What to eat to lose weight — where to start losing weight?

Many people are looking for the answer to the question of what to eat to lose weight quickly. Weight loss is a process that requires preparation and time. It is important not only what to eat to lose weight quickly, but also how to eat to lose weight in general. Of course, adopting healthy eating habits is the key to losing and then maintaining body weight without the yo-yo effect. How to change your diet and what to eat for dinner to lose weight?


  1. What to eat to lose weight — where to start losing weight?
  2. How to eat to lose weight?
  3. Eat balanced meals in one and the same time.
  4. Plan your meals
  5. Eat mindfully
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What to eat to lose weight — where to start losing weight?

Healthy weight loss is about providing all the necessary nutrients in quantities that suggest a certain energy deficit. The first step in weight loss is to determine an adequate energy requirement, which is determined by calculating two parameters, i.e. values ​​of basic and general metabolism.

The basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy supplied with food that will cover the need to maintain all types of life, i.e. respiration, vision processes, brain function, heart function, digestion, recovery. A properly planned reduction diet should not include fewer calories than those derived from the basal metabolic rate.

Total metabolic rate is the number of calories consumed during the day that will satisfy the needs resulting from the basal metabolic rate adjusted for the physical activity factor. The higher the physical activity, the higher the ratio.

How to eat to lose weight?

The decision to lose weight must be made consciously, and the process of burning fat must be designed for a specific time frame. Healthy weight loss is a weight loss of 0.5 to 1 kg per week, depending on the number of kilograms that need to be “lost”. It is worth noting that the body is not a laboratory, and it is impossible to predict all the effects or rate of weight loss. During the process, fluctuations in body weight are possible, which, especially in women, are associated with hormonal balance.

Eat balanced meals at the same time.

The menu usually includes three main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and one or two snacks. Fewer meals refers to the IF window diet, which involves about ten hours of fasting and several hours of eating. Then a maximum of 3 or only 2 meals are eaten, but the number of calories received should correspond to the needs.

Plan your meals

Prepare your menu the day before to avoid eating out. Food prepared at home from selected products will contribute to optimal weight loss. For active people, dietary nutrition is an excellent solution, which will provide tasty and balanced meals with a certain calorie content.

Eat mindfully

If you are wondering how to eat right to lose weight — eat slowly, chewing each bite thoroughly. Feel the food you eat with all your senses, do not watch TV at this time, do not scroll through your phone and let your brain accurately record that the food has been eaten.

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