What is the best time of day to run?

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What is the best time of day to run?

Any choice is good. It all depends on our individual preferences: the biological clock, the organization of the day, as well as the usual habits and habits.

If you get up early, you usually prefer to run in the morning. If you are a night owl and prefer to sleep in the morning, running in the evening may be the best option. Of course, a lot depends on working hours and other daily duties.

If we are in doubt about which form of training is best for us, we can take a test and do three runs in the morning for one week, and focus on evening running the next week.

Running in the morning is good

  • By running until morning traffic, we can avoid breathing in polluted air and highly concentrated smog.
  • We have the opportunity to saturate the body with oxygen, which can later help with daily activities.
  • We allow the body to release endorphins, i.e. hormones of happiness, thanks to which we get positive energy and well-being for the rest of the day.
  • Running in the morning in the summer, we avoid the heat and feel fresh.
  • We can wake up easily.< /li>

Evening running benefits

  • We don't have to get up early, so we have more time to sleep.
  • We can afford it is normal to eat 2-3 hours before training.
  • Our muscles are already partially warmed up and ready for training, so a shorter warm-up is enough.
  • Running in the evening in the summer, we do not expose ourselves to heat, and in spring and autumn we can expect slightly warmer temperatures than we would in the morning.
  • We can afford intense workouts such as interval runs.
  • We can relieve stress and tension from the whole day.
  • We can easily saturate the body with oxygen before going to bed.

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