What are the benefits of fasting

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What are the benefits of fasting

< br>Scientists from Germany have found out how fasting promotes health and what role the brain plays in this relationship. time goes without food, the brain immediately begins to actively produce the hormone corticosteroid, thereby initiating autophagy in the liver. The activation of this process (autophagy) leads to the destruction of defective molecules. As soon as they begin to be removed from the cells, new energy begins to be produced.

Previously, it was believed that autophagy is initiated by liver cells themselves when cells feel the need for additional energy. However, data obtained during the study showed that even after a short fast, AgRP neurons send not only signals that stimulate the body to eat, but also signals that activate autophagy.

According to scientists, the brain gives the initial a signal to quickly trigger autophagy, if you block the transmission of this signal, autophagy is not activated, even despite starvation.

Earlier, experts from the University of Southern California stated that with proper fasting, life expectancy increases. They believe that when there is a shortage of food, the body is forced to absorb and waste diseased and harmful cells. About the most useful diet, according to scientists, read here

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