USE in English: where to start preparing


Unified State Examination in English: where to start preparing

Summer is coming to an end along with the season of annual exams. But there is no time to rest — from September, active preparation will resume for the next group of graduates. If you are planning to take an English exam and want to prepare thoroughly, it's time to choose the best platform for learning and start classes.

Online schools for preparing for the exam

Online schools are a new format for studying and preparing for state exams. The convenience is that the student can study at home, at a computer or smartphone. No need to waste time traveling, running around tutors and wasting energy, which is already lacking. Moreover, you can prepare not only for the main exams, but also for ordinary subjects in order to improve academic performance and consolidate the program.

For example, the most popular platform for learning English is Skyeng School. It was founded in 2012 by graduates of Moscow universities and has been teaching schoolchildren for more than 10 years. Use the Skyeng promo code and get a free introductory lesson for any program. The promotion is permanent.

The advantages of online courses

Why parents and students are increasingly choosing not classical tutors, but online educational platforms:

  • Individual approach.The system adapts the program to the needs and goals of each student.
  • Qualified teachers. The platforms collaborate with experienced students who passed the exam with high scores in the past and entered the university.
  • Flexible schedule. Students can choose a convenient time for classes.
  • Interactive lessons: surveys, graphs, tables, a personal account system that systematize learning, make it more interesting and understandable.
  • Various materials:audio and video messages, midterm tests, calendars with homework reminders, an electronic board that all students see in class, etc.
  • Feedback and control. The student receives comments on each homework, and parents can track their progress in their personal account.
  • Accessibility. As a rule, an offline tutor costs more than classes in an online school. You can choose individual or group visits.
  • Student community. The student can communicate with other students, exchange experiences and share tips.
  • Flexible rates. Online schools offer different payment plans. For example, you can choose several subjects or a specific number of classes — only those that you need.

No exam will be an obstacle for you if you start preparing in advance. Use the Foxford promo code and get up to 10% off your course purchase now. The promotion is limited.

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