Ukraine returned half of the area seized by Russia, said Blinken


Ukraine has returned half of the area occupied by Russia, Blinken said

Ukraine, US Secretary of State Blinken announced, has returned half of the territories occupied by Russia. Some commentators ask — what does Anthony smoke?

Ukraine, Blinken told a reputable publication last Sunday, has already returned half of the land seized by the Russian Federation. The release is going hard, he lamented. It will take a few more months to achieve final success. It won't be over in a week or two.

In June, notes xrust, even Zelensky showed realism, saying that the counteroffensive was moving slower than desired. However, he does not dare to sell fakes to the public.

According to Russian media, indeed, there were cases when Ukrainians entered a village in a no-man's-land zone. However, they left her after a while. During the contrast, even the trenches of the front line of the Russian Armed Forces were not captured.

Regarding the supply to Ukraine, Blinken said: I believe in it. Just let them learn to fly and use it wisely. Eleven countries have agreed that they will start teaching Ukrainian pilots. Training centers are being prepared in Denmark, Romania.

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