Twitter will change bird to X, Musk says


Twitter will change bird to X, Musk said

Twitter, Musk said last Sunday, will be rebranded. The change of the symbol is implied — the bird will be replaced with «X». The upgrade will bring advertisers back.

Twitter still uses the old blue bird symbol. Last Sunday, Musk promised a cool change — to replace the bird with «X», writes xrust. The reason for the rebranding was falling advertising revenue. They have halved. Even the profitability of the resource became negative.

After Musk, an advertising manager spoke and said that the change in the «sign» would reject an even larger audience of advertisers. After all, getting rid of the iconic figurine is evidence of Twitter drifting in a certain direction. In any case, the manager stated, this is a change in the audience.

After explanations, the manager opened up and asked a question — please evaluate the change in the background from blue to black. Subscribers were shown a page in that color with an «X».

Musk's tumultuous reign, which bought Twitter last October, saw the company change its name to «X Corp.» The billionaire dreams of creating an application similar in power to the Chinese WeChat.

Last April, Twitter lost a bird for a while — it was replaced by a shiba inu dog Dogecoin, which pushed the market value of the cryptocurrency.

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