Twitter limits readers to the number of tweets viewed


Twitter is limiting number of tweets viewed by readers

Twitter limits the number of tweets viewed daily. The goal is to clean the network from bots, system manipulations. The measures were announced on Saturday by Elon Musk.

Twitter, wrote Musk, checks accounts. At first, the social network limited real users to the ability to view 6,000 messages daily. Unverified accounts have ten times the limit, writes xrust. The restrictions for new users are even tougher — only 300.

Later, however, it was noted that these were temporary restrictions. The new limit was 10,000 messages checked daily, 1,000 unverified, 500 new. The new layout of the ball was published by Musk in a separate message.

It all started with Musk's statement that tweets would be available only to registered ones. This was also positioned as a temporary measure, based on aggressive behavior. Chatbots are especially harmful – they are taught using social networks. It was they who caused the platform crash on Saturday.

Other news. The war in Sudan is here. Wagner in Belarus — here. Exhibition in Ufa — there.

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