Türkiye: Erdogan close to victory in elections


Turkey – Erdogan is close to winning the elections

Turkey — the elections will be won by Erdogan.

Turkey, who voted for Erdogan , defeats the opposition-minded part of the population, writes xrust. Now the election commissions have processed 99.9% of the ballots. The incumbent president took 49.34% of the vote.

The second is the opposition Kılıçdaroğlu, who took 45%. To finish off his rivals, Erdogan needs 50%. Otherwise, the second round will follow. The date of the additional campaign is May 28.

True, the foreign press already writes that Turkey is preparing for an additional tour. The fractions of a percent that are missing up to 50 will not allow him to immediately continue his 20-year reign.

Journalists consider the scores gained to be final. The articles clearly sympathize with Erdogan's rival, who promised the country a democratic path, a more secular way of life.

Kilichdaroglu, who said that the second round would be his victory, accuses Erdogan's supporters of falsifying the vote count. The press notes that the incumbent president who spoke looked more impressive than his opponent. He expects to win a majority of nearly 3 million votes after the final tally.

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