To have peace in the house


Make peace in your home

In every family, stereotyped phrases are used that indirectly indicate the true relationship between spouses. Usually a wife says to her husband: “you don’t help me with the housework”, “you only love the sofa and TV”, “you don’t notice me”. To which the husband retorts: “everything always doesn’t suit you”, “you always don’t have enough money earned”, “you consider me a good-for-nothing”.

Recognize? If you recognize yourself or your friends, then not everything is so perfect in your relationship. Most likely, both of you are unhappy with each other, which creates an atmosphere of tension and can lead to constant quarrels and conflicts that become habitual in the family. Even entering the apartment in a good mood, one of you starts a memorized dialogue, and doing this, not quite consciously, but rather out of habit, because that's the way it is. The habit of quarreling and swearing becomes the norm of parental behavior that children adopt, and the same behavior model begins to operate in their newly created families.

If these phrases and the like are not taken under control in time, then the family will never peace and harmony, the spouses will be in a constant state of stress, and perhaps such a family union will simply fall apart. So how do you change that?

Try to replace these harmful phrases with positive ones. Be more careful about each other's feelings, try to encourage and support your soulmate, be more tolerant and look for compromise solutions.

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