This meat is eaten by centenarians

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This meat is eaten by centenarians< /p>
The composition of any meat contains fats, but their potential impact on the human body is not the same. Andrey Bobrovsky, a nutritionist and associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine at St. Petersburg University, named the most harmful and most beneficial type of meat.

Meat has been studied by nutritionists for a long time, and as a result, fatty red meat, and primarily pork, is recognized as the most harmful. Pork contains the highest amount of saturated or «bad» fats. The saturated fats contained in meat favor the development of atherosclerosis. And the more such fats in meat, the worse it is for the consumer. Meat with saturated fats provokes strokes, heart attacks and circulatory disorders.

“It is from these diseases that modern people most often die,” Andrey Bobrovsky explains.
However, as the nutritionist notes, not all types of red meat increase the risk of developing atherosclerosis, there is an exception.

This exception, according to Andrey Bobrovsky, was identified by nutritionists when they studied the «Caucasian paradox» — longevity. In the Caucasus, a lot of fatty red meat is consumed, but, in the diet, mainly lamb. And as it was found out, the centenarians did not eat the meat of adult sheep, but lambs. It turns out that lamb meat is similar to fish in terms of fat composition, that is, “good” fats predominate in the meat of a young lamb. As the nutritionist noted: “Although the meat of a young lamb is red, it is healthy in terms of the composition of fats.”

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