The ship with the machines is still on fire, but has been towed to the coast.


The ship with the cars is still on fire, but has been towed to the coast

The ship carrying the cars continues to burn. True, last Monday it was towed closer to the Netherlands, freeing the fairway.

The ship carrying passenger cars from Germany to Egypt is still on fire, writes xrust. The fire on the ship-lorry started on 26 July. Last Monday, rescuers towed it closer to the Dutch coast. Now the fairway is safe.

The entire crew of the car transporter, the press specifies, are Indians. One was killed, seven were injured. The victims were injured by jumping overboard. Details are given by the Japanese Shoei Kisen, who owns the ship. After the towing, rescuers will continue their work.

After a week of fire, the company that hired the ship to transport cars specified that it had loaded 3,783 vehicles, including 498 electric vehicles. At first, the journalists remind, 25 electric cars were reported.

Other news. Debts for housing and communal services — here. Niger is threatened by neighbors — there. The house outside the city is here.

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