The main factor in weight loss

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The main factor in losing weight

In the process of losing weight, the metabolic rate of your body is of key importance. Is it difficult to determine what kind of metabolism (metabolism) you have, what methods of accelerating it exist and where to get a cheap bathrobe with a hood for a boy, you will learn from the following material.

The metabolic rate characterizes how fast your body is is able to convert substances obtained from food into energy for the functioning of all systems and life in general.

The most effective method of losing weight is precisely the acceleration of metabolism, and not diets, in which most of all existing products are excluded, and not a hunger strike.

Before you speed up your metabolism and thus lose weight, you need to determine its speed at the moment . There is more than one formula that underlies online calculators.

You can use one of the methods for calculating the metabolic rate. It's easy, you just need to know your weight, height, age, level of physical activity and some other parameters.

So, as a result of the calculations, you got a certain numerical value.

This is the daily rate of calories that are spent daily to maintain normal life.

Weight does not change. To lose weight and see the result, you need to reduce this number by 300-500 calories. But, before you buy a hooded baby robe and reduce anything, make sure that your daily calorie intake is adequate for your weight and height.

If with a height of 175 cm you weigh 50 kg, there can be no talk of any reduction. If your weight is normal and your diet is balanced, gradually reduce the caloric content of the diet — by 100 calories every day or every two days.

It is not worth making drastic changes in nutrition, because stressful conditions, and fasting is one of the stresses for the body, make it store fat with a vengeance. That is, by sharply reducing calories, you achieve the opposite of the desired effect. To speed up your metabolism, you need, oddly enough, to eat more often.

Eating twice a day slows down metabolic processes, as your body knows that if you eat in the morning, the next time it will receive food only in the evening. By dividing your daily calories into 4-5 meals, you will significantly speed up your metabolism. You can have three full meals and two snacks. But it must be healthy food, crackers and chips are not considered a quality snack.

The metabolism is accelerated due to the inclusion of more protein in the diet, because you will spend a large number of calories to break it down into amino acids. Milk, kefir and other low-fat calcium-rich foods also contribute to the intended goal. Spinach, broccoli, blueberries, grapefruits, apples, oatmeal and a moderate amount of nuts should come from vegetables and fruits in your refrigerator, add a little more spices and spices to your food, such as curry, ginger, cinnamon and others.

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