The harm and benefits of chewing gum in bodybuilding

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The harm and benefits of chewing gum in bodybuilding

Good afternoon, dear readers! Today we will consider such an issue as «the harm of chewing gum in sports», in particular — in bodybuilding. More than once I have received emails with similar questions. Well, I'll answer everyone now and publicly at once.


  1. Why chew gum?
  2. Harmful of chewing gum
  3. Benefits of chewing gum

Why chew gum?

In general, most people who use chewing gum — these are chickens. It is they who use it to»smell». I will express myself exactly in such words as there are among the people. So if anyone doesn't understand — Excuse me. So. If a person chews, then he — smokes. Although, this opinion may be erroneous, but, I repeat — in most cases it is.

They also chew gum because it — cool. After all, how cool it is to walk down the street and chew gum. Just super! You're so cool, macho man! This is what most schoolchildren think of themselves when they use gum.

Well, one more reason — it is a constant desire to eat something. But, because if you eat all the time, you will simply be blown to pieces, then you can use the alternative option — chewing gum. Desire to eat, desire to constantly strain your jaws — It is a habit. And many people, even non-smokers, have it.

Harm from chewing gum

1. The development of diseases associated with damage to tooth enamel.

2. If a person has diseases such as — gastritis, then he is simply forbidden to chew gum. After all, it will irritate the mucous membrane, which is not good.

3. The constant secretion of saliva, the body will constantly think that now it will be allowed to eat. Food — no, gastric juice — stands out. This is a very strong damage to the body.

Benefits of chewing gum

1. Be sure to eat AFTER eating.

2. It is advisable to drink a protein shake at the same time.

3. If you eat protein foods, especially — egg white, then chewing gum will simply be needed to better break down food.

4. After a heavy meal — chewing gum will help you cope with digestion.

5. Chewing gum helps to satisfy hunger.

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