Tesla electric vehicle charging system becomes standard


Charging System Tesla becomes the standard

Tesla has a system that guarantees safe and fast charging of electric vehicles. Automakers understand that the White House has tried.

The electric vehicle charging system proposed by Tesla was adopted by General Motors last Thursday, writes xrust. Previously approved by Ford. GM has already promised fans of the brand access to the Tesla Supercharger network.

GM's decision follows a similar move by Ford. Three car manufacturers are now covered by the common charging standard. Investors welcome standardization with a 4% rise in Tesla shares, and analysts predict significant commercial consequences.

Behind the standardization, the White House looms, promising federal injections into the organization of a new charging network. True, the Ministry of Transport reminds about adaptation and charging that do not belong to Tesla.

Today, Tesla, GM, Ford sell 70% of sales of electric vehicles in the United States. In an effort to increase sales, the management ran into an obstacle — technically different connectors are used at charging stations of different brands. Standardization will only save GM $400.

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