Tennis court: dimensions, grid and markings

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Tennis court: dimensions, grid and layout

A tennis court is a specially equipped playground. It is designed for training, as well as for competitions in this sport. The dimensions of such sites must comply with certain standards. They are set by the International Tennis Federation.


The first norms for the arrangement of such fields were introduced in the 19th century. Initially, tennis courts were shaped like an hourglass. In the form of a rectangle, they began to be made only in the 20th century. Then there were international norms regulating their sizes. They operate to this day.

The modern tennis court is conditionally divided into several zones:

  • play;
  • side;
  • area with races.

According to the current standards established by the Tennis Federation, the court must have the following dimensions:

  • playing area: length — 23.77 m, width 10.97 m;
  • if you take taking into account the side zones and the territory behind the heats, the size increases: 36.57×18.29.

Please note! The total court area is 668 m2.< /em>

For the organization of single competitions, the use of smaller areas is allowed, namely:

  • playing area: 23.77×8.23;
  • general size including additional territories: 16×32.

If the tennis court is intended for children's sports, it must have a size of 17×34 m.

Important! If the competition is held indoors, requirements for vertical footage are also established. The ceiling height must be at least 9.14 m. In this case, the countdown is not from the floor, but from the top edge of the grid.

To increase the fairness of the game, the court must be correctly oriented to the cardinal points. Its short part is located from east to west. This reduces the risk of direct sunlight getting into the eyes and, accordingly, the disorientation of one of the athletes.

Requirements for the net and markings

Any tennis court is divided into two equal parts using a net. At the same time, its racks should be located outside the playing area. This reduces the risk of injury to the athlete during the game.

The net divides the field into rectangles of 11.89 m. Special stripes must be applied to the floor. The service line “moves” the tennis player from the net by 6.4 m.

The center line runs perpendicular to the net. It rests with its ends against the feed strips. After all the necessary markings have been applied, a small corridor is formed between the stripes. Its width is 1.37 m. This is a mandatory requirement for all types of tennis courts.

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