Tattoos can be applied with a patch with microneedles


Tattoos can be apply with a patch with microneedles

American scientists have invented a new method of tattooing. An article on this topic was published in the journal iScience.

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) have proposed a method for applying a tattoo on the skin using a patch. On the inside of the patch there is a pattern of microneedles, which are created from ink. The master applies a patch to the selected area of ​​the skin, then the master presses on the patch and then peels it off. At the moment when the patch is pressed, the microneedles piercing the skin dissolve, releasing the ink already under the skin. The time of drawing any complexity of the drawing takes only a few minutes.

According to the authors of the study, the new method is less invasive and does not cause pain, like the usual method of tattooing. Scientists also note that this method is much safer, since the use of a patch significantly reduces the risk of infection under the skin.

Microneedles can also be refilled with ink to create a temporary tattoo. As the researchers note: «Our goal is to create new opportunities for people and pets who need an easy-to-apply pain-free tattoo«.

Specialists at the University of Texas said that for printing medical tattoos hydrogel ink will be used.The ink has a flexible shape, so it can be used to create wearable sensors and medical electronics.Does blood type affect a man's temperament read here

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