Superfine threads for surgery will be produced in Kaliningrad


Super-thin threads for surgery will be produced in Kaliningrad

On the basis of the scientific-technological park «Factory» of the Baltic Federal University. Immanuel Kant, a laboratory for the production of «smart» textiles Smarttextiles was opened.

The new direction is headed by a young scientist, Candidate of Technical Sciences Olga Moskalyuk. According to the press service of the university, the laboratory's Smarttextiles laboratory has equipment that allows the development of composite threads with the desired characteristics.

Two projects will be implemented on the basis of the laboratory.

The first project is devoted to the production of textiles with cooling properties.

The second project is aimed at creating ultra-thin surgical sutures. Previously, the diameter of suture threads was more than 40 microns. And the Smarttextiles laboratory will produce material with a diameter of only 10 microns or less, which will be used in the field of vascular surgery, cardiac and neurosurgery.

Earlier it was reported that scarless wound regeneration has been developed in Russia, about it here

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