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Many will agree that in our modern time the human body is much more in need of physical activity than, for example, 50 years ago. Why is that?

There are many reasons, one of them is a sedentary lifestyle. Every year, working through the Internet, without leaving home, is gaining momentum in popularity. In this regard, over time, there are painful sensations in the back, neck and lower back. Is there any way out of this kind of problem?

In a sense, yes! Regular exercise has a positive effect on the general condition of the body, and will help prevent or eliminate the consequences of sedentary work.

For such sports, a fitness club or workout sports ground is suitable. However, it is the latter option that is increasingly in demand, and among people of different ages.

How workout sports grounds are superior to fitness — clubs?

Let's look at a few reasons.

First, it's accessibility. Instead of paying for a fitness membership — hall, for a workout you need to have only sneakers and a tracksuit.

Secondly, instead of exercising in the gym, you can play sports outdoors with even greater benefit.

Thirdly, Based on your preferences, you can order the production of a turnkey sports ground by choosing the right equipment and size yourself.

Of course, each person, depending on their preferences, has the right to choose what kind of sport to engage in. After all, each variety has its own advantages and disadvantages. But what is really important is the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle and set an example for modern youth in this.

Note to novice workoutrs!

There are three styles of training that differ markedly from each other from friend. Let's list them:

  • Classic (Street Workout) — here the exercises are performed with their own weight and you can come up with new ones.
  • Cuban Style Gimbarr — and here they are already doing complex exercises that require dexterity, coordination and preliminary preparation.
  • Freestyle (Street Workout Freestyle) — a free approach to training and a free program are actively practiced. Here you can express yourself as much as possible.

All these styles are good in their own way, but it's best to start with the classic and gradually move towards complication. Why? Step by step, you will let your body get used to varying degrees of stress and eventually master all three styles.


On our website you can buy several separate shells for beginners , and the whole workout ground for professionals.

We will be happy to advise you on all issues related to our equipment.

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