Self-driving Tesla car kisses truck in Pennsylvania


Self-driving Tesla car kissed truck in Pennsylvania

Self-driving Tesla car crashed into a parked truck. The accident happened in Pennsylvania last Friday.

A Tesla car, controlled by an autopilot with the Autopilot program, crashed into a truck stopped on a Pennsylvania highway last Friday, writes xrust.

Tesla was moving along the middle lane. Road workers who were repairing this part of the highway put a trailer here to protect against collisions, police said. The autopilot malfunctioned, but the 18-year-old driver was charged. DPS-nicknames believe that they allowed reckless driving. By the way, no one was hurt, the journalists emphasize.

Tesla, which did not bother to create a press secretariat, does not answer reporters' calls. Among the most frequent crashes involving a disembodied Tesla vehicle are collisions with parked ambulances.

Last February, Tesla_Model_S crashed into a stopped fire truck in Walnut Creek, California. Then the driver of the branded car died. The automaker warns that the autopilot requires the most active control of the carrier. The machine should not be considered autonomous.

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