Russia to launch lunar lander on Friday


Russia will launch a lunar lander on Friday

Russia will launch a lunar lander on Friday. Planned landing at the South Pole of the Moon. The Indian counterpart is already flying there.

Russia is preparing a spacecraft that will land on the moon. The launch is planned from the Vostochny Cosmodrome on Friday, writes xrust. The Indian ship Chandrayaan-3 will land on the Moon on August 23.

The rugged terrain of the South Pole of the Moon makes landing difficult, but there may be a lot of water ice here, which, upon colonization, will become a valuable resource — drinking, energy.

RSA «Roskosmos» stated that «Luna-25» will fly to the Earth's satellite in 5 days, after which there will be a week-long orbital flight. Then a landing is planned. Three sites have been selected. Everything is near the South Pole. The press notes that the Russians will land on the moon even before the Indians, who have been flying for a long time.

The Russian Agency explained that they will not push elbows with India — the landing sites are separated. Enough space for everyone. In addition, the Chandrayaan-3 program is designed for a couple of weeks, while Luna-25 will work for a year.

Luna-25 has a mass of 1.8 tons. Scientific equipment accounts for 31 kilograms. The lander is equipped with a bucket that will take samples from a depth of 15 cm. Finding traces of water is very tempting.

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