Russia is peeling German and American weapons in Ukraine


 Russia is peeling German and American weapons in Ukraine

Russia last Sunday summed up the 48-hour offensive of Ukraine. Allied-supplied weapons are rapidly being destroyed.

Russia said Sunday in history that two-day battles ended with the destruction of seven Leopard tanks and five Bradley armored vehicles. The first brand is German, reminiscent of xrust, the second is American. The result is a breakthrough of the first line of Russian defense, from which the Ukrainians were quickly driven out.

Zelensky, after Putin's statement about the start of a counteroffensive, confirmed the start of a large-scale operation. The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the past day was marked by the repulse of a dozen Ukrainian attacks that took place in three directions. Similarly, they acted in the South-Donetsk, Zaporozhye. Near Bolshie Novoselki, the Ukrainians managed to break through to capture several villages. However, the Russians, retreating to the heights, destroyed the participants in the breakthrough and returned the settlements to themselves.

Russian helicopter pilots, without waiting for the tanks in Zaporozhye to approach the line of contact, shelled them with air-to-ground missiles.

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