Ronaldo wants to leave his fiancee


Ronaldo wants to leave his fiancee

Money is said to be the reason for a possible separation between Saudi Al-Nasr striker Cristiano Ronaldo and his fiancee Georgina Rodriguez, mother of his two children. This was reported by the CM TV channel.

As it became known, the 38-year-old football player does not like Georgina's extravagance at all, he is annoyed that the bride spends her whole day in shopping centers. A friend of Ronaldo's mother explained that the cause of irritation is not only waste, but also her idleness: «She spends, spends and spends money, doing nothing else,» he said. find a sushi chef for your home. Ronaldo and Georgina would like the chef to be able to cook both traditional Portuguese dishes and sushi, and dishes from other countries.

Recall that in 2018, Ronaldo and Rodriguez announced their engagement. The football player brings up daughters Alan Martin and Bella Esmeralda in common with Georgina. Ronaldo also has three children from surrogate mothers — Cristiano Jr., Eva and Mateo. That year, Cristiano Ronaldo became the owner of the most expensive house in all of Portugal on the Portuguese Riviera, where he lives with all his big family and mother, about this

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