Robots fertilize eggs


Robots fertilize eggs

< br>The first babies born with robots have already been born.

Barcelona-based startup Overture Life has created a robot for injecting sperm, which has been used by doctors during in vitro fertilization procedures. According to the MIT Technology Review, the result was two girls who were conceived by a machine in 2023.
They were born to women who got pregnant in New York City through IVF in the fall of 2022. The female eggs were fertilized by a robot.

The fertilization process involved a robot mechanism, which consists of a microscope, a mechanical needle, a Petri dish, a laptop and a Sony PlayStation 5 controller. and one spermatozoon was deposited.

Eduard Alba, a mechanical engineer with no experience in fertility medicine, who ran the device, fertilized more than a dozen eggs with the help of a robot. After that, the donor eggs were implanted in the uterus of the patients.

According to scientists, thanks to the automation of the process, the IVF procedure will be more efficient and cheaper, and the workload on specialists will also be reduced. However, do not expect full automation of the procedure. This will only make it possible to reduce the burden on doctors. Earlier we wrote about the invention of a bracelet that fights alcohol addiction, about it here

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